About Us

Our Story

We, Joe and Melissa, believe in providing a free range, loving and caring atmosphere, complete with no hormones, antibiotics, GMO, steroids or corn. The care we provide for our livestock produces a pure, high quality product. Being that we are a state licensed facility, you can purchase your products with certainty, in that our meat was processed, inspected and packaged at a licensed processing plant.

Pure clean pork.

We had quite an eventful first year, as those little pigs apparently had much to teach us! We learned quickly how intelligent they really are and yes, they can and will outsmart you. Nothing will keep them in from a fresh planted garden, no matter how secure you think your pen. Apparently, gardening was not a part of our plan.

So, as to be expected with a new journey, our year was full of firsts; first litter of pigs, first processed pig and first batch of wine. Our wine too, began as a hobby for personal enjoyment. As our friends and family started to sample our flavors, they began coming back and asking to buy bottles. We were then approached by others through word of mouth if they could purchase any. Slowly but surly we began to make more, increasing our variety. Now here we are, a Winery with over eighteen flavors of house and specialty wines! This experience has again, made so many memories and created such fun stories to share.

Our pork is like no other.

We were so proud of the first pig we processed after raising it ourselves, that we had to share with friends and family. Word of mouth traveled fast that our pork was so delicious, we were being approached and asked if we had more to sell! In addition to the pork, many wondered if we also had chicken for sale. That led us into yet another branch of our journey, and we embarked on the path of farming chickens alongside our pigs.

At this point we realized we had been given an opportunity to help continue our business, as it slowly presented and grew itself. This led us to our research of pig breeds, and which ones were suited for our specific goals.

We really wanted to ensure we were providing the highest quality of pork not only to our family, but to others. After a great deal of time and research we decided on a breed, the Tamworth. Working with a nutritionist we developed our specific feed formulas, which gave the result of a pork product that is like no other. High quality pork should be pink and marbled as well as tender with no fat. You will not get this quality with a corn-based diet, hormones or steroids. We know what goes into our pigs and what to expect as the result.

Free range & organic,
the way it should be.

We apply the same specialized diet and research to our chickens, which means no yellow fat or “airy” meat. They have such dense and solid meat free of steroids, hormones and corn, created from nutritious ingredients including barley, oats, sunflower oil and free range. Should you come visit our ranch you will find our animals thriving in a natural, clean, free range environment waiting to say hello!

Farming is not just a way of life for us but rather a passion, as it’s part of our own history having grown up on farms. Not only are we providing a better way of life for our family but it has allowed us to share our success with others. What a blessing it has been to have been given this opportunity to share our products and make your next meal a little bit healthier.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!