New for Fall/Winter Season 2022

Preorder Bistro Pizzas & Meat and Cheese Trays

Preorder Bistro Pizzas & Meat and Cheese Trays

Call: 715-216-4136

Date Night

Coming soon! Please check back soon for more details.

Merch for Sale

We have mugs, t-shirts, coozies, and much more.
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Hours (by reservation) Sunday 1pm – 5pm

Order Pickup: Monday – Friday 11am – 5pm  **Call to schedule pick up 715-216-4136

Artisan boards

feature our custom deli ham, smoked chicken, gourmet cheeses, nuts, crackers and of course a little chocolate

New Items

Ground Chicken

Handcrafted Beer

Bottles of handcrafted beer available.

Seasonal Wines

Seasonal wines for fall now available. Returning is Harvest Moon New is Golden Apple!


Our Story

At the current time Sunset Hollow Ranch has been doing wine tastings by app. This is due to covid and honoring safe distancing. We want the visit here to be enjoyable for all. Our customers have been very appreciative of the precautions we are taking during this time of uncertainty.

If you would like to stop by for a glass or share a bottle with others we are happy to have you. Please call to check availability ???? 715-216-4136.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Hope to see you soon, cheers????


~ Melissa and Joe


In April of 2016 it was decided that we would try raising four pigs for ourselves. Little did we know that this was only the beginning of our journey and the evolution that lied ahead.

One Sip says it all

Our hand-crafted wines are done in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency in flavor and clarity. The wines are grape based with a variety of fruit added in order to create each wines distinct burst of flavor!.

Juicy. Lean. Flavorful.

Taste and see the difference high quality, organic chicken can make. Enjoy the juicy, lean, dense and abundant flavor our chicken will bring to your table.

Experience the
Taste of Real Pork

You haven’t experience the taste of “real” pork until you have tasted ours. Our pork is lean, flavorful and like no other!

Interested in our wine tasting and yoga?